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The Gleddings Preparatory School is consistently rated in the top few Independent Preparatory Schools based on the results of the SATS (Standard Attainment Tests for 11 years olds). It is the highest ranked Preparatory School in Yorkshire.

The Gleddings Preparatory School What Our Parents Say

"A heartfelt thank you for the most wonderful start to school life with the best teachers sport days discos school dinners (I could go on) and also for teaching consideration and kindness to others." - Mrs Crossley

School Council

The Gleddings’ School Council

Electing the School Council

The Council is made up of 10 children from Form 2 – Upper 4 and it is led by our School Council Leaders Grace and Luke. They are elected democratically by their class to represent them at the weekly School Council meetings.

The School Council Meeting

Each member is responsible for bringing ideas to the School Council Meeting. These ideas are proposed by their class and once discussed at a School Council Meeting the School Council members will report back to their class on what has been decided and why. Our School Council meets every Wednesday in the meeting room, so if you would like to come, just let the School Council leaders know.

The ideas which are brought to the School Council benefit the school, the pupils and sometimes the teachers.

The right to have a say is very important on School Council, but rights also involve responsibility and being a School Councillor means having a big responsibility.

Involving Everybody!

It is very important that the views of all of the children are heard so we have suggestion boxes in all the classrooms to record ideas and views. Throughout our meetings the most important thing is that everybody has the opportunity to have their say.

What will the School Council discuss?

We talk about everything from new suggestions for our menu to ideas for new clubs, but we also take an active role in supporting fundraising events and raising money for our School Council Charities.

Who are the Councillors?

Grace and Luke, our School Council Leaders, run the meetings and make sure that everyone gets involved. They take the register and make sure all the paperwork for the meeting is done and our treasurer looks after our money, making sure that we only spend the money we have. Together, and with the help of the elected class representatives, Kitty, Oliver, Siya, Savannah, Rocco, Claudia, Aadarsh, Hettie and Humphrey they work hard to make sure everyone is kept informed about any decisions which have been made.

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